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Jesus commanded us to baptize one another in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and we continue this practice with great joy.  Signifying acceptance of the saving work of Jesus Christ given to all who freely believe in Him as Savior, baptism is a symbol of the new covenant of grace, just as circumcision was a symbol of the old covenant.

We have a baptismal built into our worship platform, and take great joy in fully immersing all who desire to make public their declaration of faith.  We also have a baptismal font, to sprinkle those who may be fearful of “being dunked” or for those parents who wish to have their children baptized. 

Since infants are recognized as being included in the atoning work of Christ, the Free Methodist Church does baptize children upon request of parents or guardians who, upon meeting with one of our pastors, gives assurance for the child of necessary Christian training.  If parents so choose, we also offer infant dedication to the Lord, saving baptism for the child’s personal decision.








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